Thursday, January 31, 2013

Solar Bears honor Orlando's 2001 champions Saturday

The Orlando Solar Bears will close out the week on Saturday by hosting the Trenton Titans, but that's not why it's a big night for big fans of the team edition we've come to know as Solar Bears 1.0.

Oh what a night ... May 26, 2001.
The team will -- finally -- unveil the Turner Cup championship banner, the spoils of winning the International Hockey League title on May 26, 2001. There was no ceremony back then because, thanks to the movement of several IHL teams to the American Hockey League following the season, and the demise of a handful of others, the IHL folded about 20 minutes after the ice was cleared that night. The Turner Cup will be in the building; fans will have an opportunity to take pictures the Cup on the concourse level (although reps from the Hockey Hall of Fame will be chaperoning it, kids, so don't do something stupid like pour your $7.50 Miller Lite in the top and try to have a swig).

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Solar Bears win twice in impressive home stand start

And now for a post that will mention neither Lance Armstrong nor Manti Te'O (damn, too late) ...

Who are you and what have you done to the Orlando Solar Bears?

The revived hockey club, essentially an ECHL expansion team, had just come off a six-game road trip that had gone badly -- 1-5, losers of the last four and the last three by the combined score of 18-5.

What's worse, some of the team's best talent had been summoned to Houston of the American Hockey League (Nick Petersen) or to St. Louis of the NHL (Ryan Reaves). Continuity was not on the side of Coach Drake Berehowsky and his staff, but on the bright side the schedule will be.

Thursday, a stretch of 21 home games in 33 dates started ... and boy did it ever.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I said MOVE ON.

Top 2 topics on ESPN and Yahoo! Sports this morning .... Manti Te'O and Lance Armstrong.

News because the gorillas of sports journalism said so. It's all garbage. So I urge everyone to avoid all headlines about these issues and just move on. MOVE ... ON.

(Hey, if you need something to do while waiting for tomorrow's AFC and NFC Championship games, the NHL season finally starts today!)
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