Friday, August 2, 2013

Riley Cooper: victim?

That's right. I'll be the first person in the country, after the Philadelphia sports blog created a viral stir posting a video of Eagles' WR Riley Cooper dropping the n-bomb at a Kenny Chesney concert, to attach the word "victim" to his name.
Sure, Cooper showed us his ass and cemented his place as a second-class idiot — hang out awhile longer on that blog and you'll see he had a few more choice moments at that concert. But everyone who is still so focused on this, 2 days after it came out, instead of just moving on and being a better person than Riley Cooper is forgetting the cardinal rule of idiots: don't stoop to their level, they'll drag you down and beat the living hell out of you with experience.

He was drunk. He was stupid. I'm not inviting him to my place for a cookout anytime soon. But we all know people who've had days like that. And while free speech isn't always free and YOU DON'T USE THE N-WORD OUT IN PUBLIC, LET ALONE AT ALL, the Constitution affords us all the right to be wrong.

And now come the questions. Why did it take over a month for this to come out? Did Crossing Broad go to Cooper, telling him they had this video, that it could go away with a little "financial coercion", and did he tell them to get bent? (By the way, the next person who takes a video of me on their phone will promptly need a new phone. It's a phone, gawdammit, not a media center.)

And why does this blog even exist? I went to it for the first time (and last time) ever doing up this post. Damn near everything on it is a entry tearing down the town's teams and players. With the Eagles already missing Jeremy Maclin split out wide for the 2013 and Chip Kelly probably planning to lean heavily on Cooper in a new offense, why does Crossing Broad see fit to undermine this town's team? Isn't going to be hard enough struggling to go 7-9 anyway?

"Kangaroo Court" will take care of this in the NFL. First time he goes over the middle in a game, Cooper will regret having that 5th beer at the Kenny Chesney concert. This stink will follow him the next time his suit-type people try to negotiate an NFL contract for him. Let those people deal with it.

As for people on airwaves who get paid to talk about it, I ask that when you run your mouths, make sure you're saying something. ESPN's Scott Van Pelt said that the worst thing you can say to a black man is call him that word. Wrong — the worst thing you can say to any human being is, "Will the defendant please stand."

Michael Wilbon is adamant that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell must — not should — suspend Cooper, and is angry that he hasn't. If I call my boss of Irish ancestry "a drunken mick" or my Italian co-workers "a couple of dagos", I wouldn't get a week off of work. They'd make me keep working, but wouldn't say a word to me.

And that, like this, is probably the best thing said about the issue at this point.

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