Saturday, January 19, 2013

I said MOVE ON.

Top 2 topics on ESPN and Yahoo! Sports this morning .... Manti Te'O and Lance Armstrong.

News because the gorillas of sports journalism said so. It's all garbage. So I urge everyone to avoid all headlines about these issues and just move on. MOVE ... ON.

(Hey, if you need something to do while waiting for tomorrow's AFC and NFC Championship games, the NHL season finally starts today!)
Now that both episodes of Armstrong's interview with Oprah Winfrey have aired, this can become a dead issue sometime this afternoon.

Let's talk about athletes who do the right things more than those who do the wrong things. Armstrong cheated for nearly a decade, lied about it, and slammed anyone who tried to expose him against a figurative wall.

It's great that he raised $500 million for charity. But for his athletic works ... who cares? All fueled by questionable gas in a sport in which nearly everyone at the front of the bike pack in these bike races were on illegal juice.

Lance Armstrong ... not an athlete ... just a juicer. MOVE ON.

As for Manti Te'O, I feel really, really bad for this guy. He got duped by somebody playing a sick, cruel joke that got out of hand because it was exposed on the grand scale by national TV. ESPN is lucky that Te'O granted ESPN's Jeremy Schaap an interview, because if it was me I'd have absolutely nothing to say. Who would, once they were played for the fool?

I think Te'O tried covering some of this up, and lied a little, to save face. Lies always come back to bite you in the ass, so it's never worth it. He deserves this blowing up in his face. He's covering something up, but it makes absolutely no difference in that fact that he's going to get drafted in April and should be a pretty good NFL linebacker.

If you overly bought into the sympathy story of his "dead" "girlfriend" while he was in the running for the Heisman Trophy and Notre Dame's lead-up to the BCS National Championship Game, you're as sad as he is. I briefly heard about all this as it was happening. Didn't make any difference to the outcome of any ballot or any game, so I didn't pay attention. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I still don't want to now.

Dear ESPN, even the Fighting Irish fans want this to just go away. Go do a standup in front of an NHL arena today. Signed, All Fatigued Sports Fans.

Manti Te'O ... not-too-bright guy trying to make it to the NFL on the strength of his physical attributes. It's not that sexy.


I am. Orlando Solar Bears news coming tonight.

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