Saturday, April 28, 2012

Magic steal Game 1 ... but how?

I'll tell ya.

Glen Davis did just enough against Roy Hibbert (3-of-11 shooting) at the defensive end. I thought Hibbert would eat Big Baby alive, and he had quite an advantage at Orlando's offensive end.

Jason Richardson and Jameer Nelson scored 17 apiece and carried the load on a night that Ryan Anderson, who was expected to stir the Magic's offensive drink, took only 7 shots, hit 2, and scored 5 points.

Indiana's core shooters (Danny Granger, George Hill, Paul George) were a combined 14-of-42 from the field. Mostly explains why the Pacers scored just 77 points.

So the first-blush reactions to Orlando's Game 1 win are this: Anderson will play better and Indiana will shoot better as the series goes on, and the Magic will have to continue to play very well AND Indiana will have to play subpar ball if Stan Van Gundy's boys are going to pull off the upset that nobody outside of the Magic locker room believes can happen.

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