Monday, March 19, 2012

The wrong hoops teams do the job that cartoons can't ...

So my kid enjoys watching the cartoon Phineas and Ferb. On that show, the boy's older sister Candace mission in life is to "bust" her little brothers for the radical schemes and ideas they get into. She often talks about "the power of the bust".

Well, the NCAA Tournament is like Candace. Just waiting to bust me.

Admit it kids, your brackets are already shot. Straight to hell. Or wherever Norfolk State or Lehigh are located. (Lehigh's in upstate Pennsylvania, by the way. My uncle matriculated there. I think he also may have gone to classes on his way to a doctorate degree.) You had Missouri, or Duke, or Vanderbilt, or Florida State, or Georgtown going really deep, maybe all the way to New Orleans.

Lucky you. You get to watch this weekend's action and the Final Four with passive interest because the money you spent on your bracket pool would have served the same purpose than if you set it on fire in a gutter. Me? I have to watch, to wait to get busted.
Can you fix this, or do I have to go find Tim Donaghy?
Uh, yeah, of course I was talking about the wrist ...

My Final Four is still intact -- Kentucky, Louisville (that'll be one crazy national semifinal), Ohio State and North Carolina (although I hate my whole right side of the sheet, been saying it for a week now). While I'm mid-pack as of this morning in my winner-take-all pool, I have the most "possible points" and a few winning scenarios. But one of them is UNC winning it all, which seems as likely now with Kendall Marshall breaking his wrist and likely having surgery this week as me winning a dunk contest.

I rode Murray State, Vanderbilt and Florida State a bit too far (into the Elite 8), but I had Duke and Missouri not winning another game after this weekend, too. I need Louisville and The Ohio State, or for Wisconsin to bump of Syracuse (and then get bumped by OSU).  It could happen. Based on my track record (11 years in a pool at the newspaper I wrote sports for, career pool winnings of $0), it won't though I have to keep tabs to see at what point I can eulogize my sheet.

Hey, baseball's Opening Day is next week ...

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