Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Who will win the Peyton Sweepstakes?

Now that I've finally gotten over Drexel University's loss in the Colonial Athletic Association title game to VCU (won 19 straight before that, now the Philly school gets to sweat Selection Sunday), I can focus a little bit on the news at hand ...

Where's Payton going?

First, I feel bad for Colts fans now, because, regardless of how good you think Andrew Luck is going to be next year, Indianapolis is going to suck again next year. It's awful hard to remember that suckiness in the B.M. days (Before Manning), unless you wear blue and a horseshoe every Sunday in the fall.

But, but, remember that the Colts were being called the Dolts in the days leading up to drafting Peyton No. 1 in the 1998 Draft, and during that '98 season when they went 3-13. Then they went 13-3 the next year, so there is a glimmer of hope if Luck is The Next Chosen One.

Back to today. Who wants Peyton? The question oughta be, who doesn't want Peyton? With the exception of about five teams, you get an automatic upgrade at QB by inserted even an 80% healthy Manning behind center. It's all going to come down to cap room, and how much Peyton's willing to accept an incentive-laden contract, just in case that neck made semi-bionic by doctors doesn't hold up.

I'm hearing some teams that keep surfacing, and here's what I think of them landing Number 18 ...
N.Y. Jets (20-to-1 odds of him signing there) -- Yes, he'd be a great fit for the team, but not so much the locale. Not sure there's enough room in New York for two Mannings. And I don't see him and Rex Ryan becoming BFFs overnight.
Washington Redskins (16-to-1) -- If you think he doesn't want to play in Eli's town, would he really want to play in his division and butt heads with him twice a year? Plus, him and Shanahan don't make for an ideal combo either. Plus, all indications point the 'Skins are frothing at the mouth over Robert Griffin III, and they don't have to trade up far to draft him. The only part of this I'd want to see is if they sign him and it doesn't pan out, watching Dan Snyder throw a hissy fit, cut Manning midseason and fire two assistants, a security guard and a parking attendant.
Miami Dolphins (6-to-1) -- Could this become reality? ...

Sure, why not? If he's going to play outdoors, Florida's the way to go, after all he played college ball in Tennessee, and I hear he has a house down there. A combo of Manning and Brandon Marshall would be rather epic, wouldn't it? The only hangup could be Manning's perception of ownership, which includes Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, the Williams sisters, Fergie, and their wanting star power to fill the seats rather than a legit shot at a championship. But the team's full of coaches that he can ignore or walk all over and do whatever he likes on offense.
The only other more plausible conclusion would be ...
Arizona Cardinals (4-to-1) -- Sure, they got Kevin Kolb, but don't have a ton of loot invested in him. Glendale has perpetually good weather, a roof they can close when it isn't, and a fan base choc full of low expectations. Playing in the soft NFC West and throwing curl routes to Larry Fitzgerald won't hurt a damn bit, either.
The Field, minus the Colts (10-to-1) -- Who knows if a Seattle, Kansas City, or San Francisco will sneak in with an offer he can't refuse. But don't but on it (at short odds, at least).

And with that all said, I better get out of here, just in case one of Sean Payton's boys has a bounty on me.

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  1. if Peyton is 75% of his pre-injury self and has Wayne and Marshall outside, a halfway decent slot guy, he'll have a good TE and a proven rushing attack and a top 10 defense (that he's never had)...I mean, what more does a guy like that need...oh yeah, there's no state income tax in FL...


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