Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Walls ... Come Tumbalin' Down ...

Here's how I went about scoring the video of the Amway Arena demolition ...

I arrived downtown about 6:15 and planned to walk up the onramp and shoot from the shoulder of I-4, but as I got closer I noticed people actually walking toward the building with no interference, so I followed thinking I had time to kill. I chatted a guy up (who ended up watching from in front of the School Board building right across the street) when I noticed the parking garage behind it might be a good vantage point, and nobody restricted access to that, either. So up the stairwell I went until I was higher than the building in front of me.

When the last charges that took out the roof fired, the garage shoot, and then down she came. Much of the debris cloud headed our way, and the air smelled quite chalky for a while. I've got to believe that of folks on the ground, I had to be closer than the TV stations other than the ones who put a couple small cameras inside the building. Security was fairly tight as the time neared, but I successfully evaded. Afterwards, they let people walk right up to the carcass and take their pictures. Amelia Street was a complete mess afterwards, but streetsweepers moved in quickly to start the cleanup.

So here's the whole video. First charges fire at about 2:45. Building comes down about 15 seconds later. At the very end (if you make it through the cloud footage), I get chased out of the area by a cop.

Afterwards, when I got to the car I parked at Orange and Livingston (covered in dust) I was loading up and saw Paul Kennedy from Sun Sports! He was walking with a purpose and talking on his phone, so I gave him a "Go Magic" and he gave me a thumbs up.

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  1. Awesome video. Is this your first steps toward daredevil journalism?


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