Saturday, March 24, 2012

The old Amway's going down ... and I'll be there

About 620 pounds of charges and dynamite will do what Nick Anderson couldn't do with four free throws in 1995 -- bring the Amway Arena down.

Actually back then it was the Orlando Arena, then it became the TD Waterhouse Centre and finally the Amway, but by about 8am Sunday morning, you can call it rubble. It will be imploded Sunday to make way for the Creative Village high-tech corridor.
When it comes down, I'll be there to watch.
I'm getting a little bit nostalgic about this, as I probably attended upward of 40 events there from about 1990 to 2010. I saw the Magic, Predators, Solar Bears, Seals and Jackals play games, Billy Joel and Rod Stewart play songs, but missed the Mystics, Titans and Sharks. Over the course of about 14 months, I saw the Predators win the Arena Bowl (2000) and the Solar Bears win the Turner Cup (2001).
Because of that, I feel the need to see, document, and video the ol' grey mare fall to the ground. I'm not going to the "public viewing arena" on 50 across Lake Dot because, Why? I know the good hiding spaces around there and plan to offer a unique perspective of the demolition.
I'll be updating my morning's work via the blog's Twitter feed (@Phoulballs)  and will be posting the video here as soon as I can get a connection, get it on YouTube and link it. Interested in coming with? Leave me a message here and I'll check it before I leave the house around 5:45am Sunday.

Stay tuned.

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