Monday, March 12, 2012

For the first time ...

I slay Dragons!

... in school history UCF will play in the NIT. The opponent? Drexel. Ha! I've got two cousins that got their engineering degrees there. And the winner Wednesday will likely play St. Joseph's. I only had one cousin go there. (Am I conflicted? Ta hell with it. Go Knights!) Why doesn't UCF just stay in Philly and play Penn and LaSalle while they're at it?

Really guy, a sword? You do know you're
coming to West Philadelphia, right? I keep
sharper things in my desk drawers.

Oh, by the way Knight fans, Drexel Coach Bruiser Flint is "More disappointed in this snub" than in 2007 when the Dragons beat Syrcuse and Villanova but still didn't appear on the Big Dance card. So Drexel's disappointed, and UCF is excited out of their minds.

I smell upset Wednesday at the Daskalakis Athletic Center, which holds all of 2,500 people. UCF's student section could fill that place up! (Hey guys, it's only a 17-hour drive up 95!)

... And for the first time since 2000 I will not be running a NCAA bracket this year. Proud to say I did all the work by hand. I've contacted some of my old pool regulars and told them to set a $5 bill on fire and send me the remains. It'll accomplish the same thing.

(And aren't you glad, based on the title of this post, the reference isn't to some sappy ballad? Not that that's totally a bad thing.)


  1. I wish I shared your enthusiasm. Unfortunately I think Drexel is going to come out more pissed than deflated. And a lot of UCF fans were hoping for a 3-4 seed with at least 1 home game so a 6 seed is actually a bit of a downer. This smells like a curb-stomping but if the Knights pull this one out, I actually like their chances of making it to MSG.

    1. Now I'm not so optimistic, heard earlier that Drexel gets some stud guard back who was suspended or ineligble for the CAA tournament. Oh well, at least I can school Marc Daniels on where to get his cheesesteaks.


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