Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Day Orlando Stopped

Admit it, this is fun.

The news hacks here in Orlando might not be enthused with the procedure of write it-hear new story-scrap it-write it again-check Internet for new rumors, but I think the Dwight Howard story over the last week has been hilarious.

Besides, I need something to latch onto to divert me away from an NCAA tournament I have little buzz for, and UCF's drubbing at Drexel in Philadelphia Wednesday night in the NIT.

O-Town went to bed last night hearing definitively that D-12 would be a New Jersey Net or L.A. Laker by lunchtime today. Then this morning, an online report surfaced saying Howard wants to give up his opt-out clause, play in Orlando the rest of this year and into next ... so we can do all of this again this time next year.

Ya'll my bitches. But I mean that nicely. Now go get
me an Egg McMuffin, news bitches!

That online report is at Sounds legit to me. And if it appears on the Internet, then it must be true, right? Puh-leeze. This story won't be over until 3:01 p.m. this afternoon, after the NBA trade deadline passes. I'll be intrigued to hear this thing evolve That's really a news website that other news organizations are citing and quoting. I've said it before, just having an Internet connection and a thought does not make you a journalist. They oughta require a license to practice journalism -- or, say, a B.A. in News-Ed Journalism from an established university.

Driving into work today, I saw 3 live news trucks parked outside the Amway Center. This was before 8 a.m. The team plane flew in from last night's game in San Antonio around 3 a.m. You knuckleheads expect any Egg McMuffin-time stuff to happen at the building? You will be held hostage by the local media all day, and I will be laughing for the next 6 hours.

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