Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baseball dominates this "Opening Day"

Happy "Opening Day" everybody!

Yes, notice my use of quotation marks. I get what Bud Selig is trying to accomplish, noting the appearances of Ichiro Suzuki of the M's (who, four hours after the game ended, is still running around the bases at Tokyo Dome I hear) and Kurt Suzuki of the A's, and not taking the opener away from a team in a big-market city that changes the subway and the bus schedules for Opening Day. Expanding MLB appeal beyond a small handful of players is fine, but the ridiculous part is that these two teams will return to the States next week and play more exhibition games before their next ones that count. Does Bud ever look at these initiatives on paper before actually making them reality? Another reason why we need Bob Costas to be the commissioner ...

... Okay, first I had to wrap my head around calling them the "Miami Marlins", and seeing them (and Ozzie Guillen) in their new unis. Then I had to adjust to the fact that I have to drive farther into the sweaty bowels of town to go to a game at the new "Marlins Park". Now this ... who the hell is Giancarlo Stanton? You mean Mike, right? What, his mom calls him Cruz? Okay, enough of this, I can only take so much change. The only change left is to win the division. Won't happen? They said the same thing about playing major-league ball in a place where it rains most summer nights ...

A group led by Magic Johnson bought the L.A. Dodgers for two billion clams. Johnson said his role would include recruiting free agents, and while he can't talk hitting or pitching with players, he "can talk winning" and that he'll help "sell the Dodger brand" to fans. Considering all he bought, he's got plenty to sell now. Also saw the new group gets a portion of the Dodger Stadium parking lots, "valued at $300 million." Geez, even parking spaces are expensive in SoCal (and how much clamato would $2 billion getchya?) ...

I'm so stoked! The Olympics are in Rio in 2016!
Clothing optional, baby!

For the Olympics this summer in London, the committee will no longer "require" beach volleyball players to wear bikinis, thus allowing competitors from "more modest countries" to put teams in the 24-team field. Wait, this was a requirement? For the players, maybe. For me (and then other 3 billion men on Earth) we call it a luxury ...

I had North Carolina winning the Big Dance. Losing them knocked me out of the 99th percentile on Yahoo ... to the 98th. I still win my office pool if 1. Kansas beats Ohio State AND 2. Kentucky does NOT win the tournament. If I collect, duck, as that'll bring increased chances of low-flying farm animals.

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