Saturday, January 21, 2012

UCF validates ... and why in the hell I wore a Giants jersey

If you were wondering how the UCF men's basketball team would respond after beating Memphis, who played for the national title just 4 years ago, here's how. They had to go on the road Saturday afternoon and play UAB (that's not a taxi company, thats Alabama-Birmingham) and scored just 48 points.

But when you play lockdown defense, it's enough. The Knights moved to 4-1 in Conference USA play and 15-4 overall with a 48-41 win over the Blazers. There might, just might, be something special about this UCF team.

The Knights get back at it Wednesday at Tulsa.

But, in a related move that had to balance out the sports universe ... if you get the feed for my sports podcast with Orlando Predators' media relations director J.C. Carnahan, "Upon Further Review", you'll understand why there's pictures circulating of me wearing an Eli Manning home jersey.

Listen to our show and you'll understand why.

And that's all I hafta say about that ...

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