Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012's first bits of tid

Some things you may have missed as you experimented with various hangover recipes after last night ...
  • Dick Clark looked and sounded better last night than he did the prior two years. Might a revival of American Bandstand be coming next? (We goin' hoppin! We goin' hoppin' today where things are poppin' the Philadelphia way ...)
  • LeBron James liked it so he put a ring on it and finally made an honest woman out of his baby'momma. No wedding date's been set, but I can't wait to see where they're registered, and what's on the list.
  • Minnesota Vikings DE Jared Allen put the fear of God in Michael Strahan back at the FOX football studios. Allen had 3.5 sacks midway through the third quarter of their game against Chicago, giving him 22 for the year. Strahan set the season record of 22.5 sacks when he was with the Giants, putting some buzz into what was a 17-13 loss to the Bears that dropped the Vikings to 3-13. Allen got four more defensive drives to get to Chicago QB Jake McCown, but, with Strahan feigning interest back in New York, he could not get the record-breaker. Minnesota picks 3rd in the upcoming draft, so maybe Allen will get some help.
  • On Dec. 1, my Eagles were 4-8. No playoffs, but good draft pick right? Nnnnope. On Jan. 1 a 34-10 win over the Redskins was their fourth in a row. 8-8? Yippee. No playoffs and picking around 15th in the Draft. In Philly, don't be mediocre. Be great or be terrible, either way let the people know exactly what you are. Yanno, to set expectations. And no, Baby New Year did NOT get pelted with snowballs ...
  • In Sunday's Broncos-Chiefs game, Denver OT Chris Cooper got hurt on a play, and they had to bring the card out to fetch him. Tim Tebow slapped him on the shoulder pads as they got him up. And he wasn't healed! St. Timmy laid hands on the sick and afflicted and he was still sick and afflicted!
  • Have any of you who haven't attended a bowl game in person watched a bowl game on TV all the way through yet? I tried to watch the Alamo Bowl with Baylor and Washington while working on the computer, and every time I turned back the score changed! (Baylor won, 67-56.)

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