Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ken Jackson -- professional blogger?

Sorry that I haven't had an entry here in a few days. I've been busy with part-time and freelance work while seeking a full-time job. About that search, now in its fifth frustrating week ...

While I'm not totally closing the door on being a full-time reporter, I'd probably have to move out of town to get that job. Are you going to buy my house for $150k? (Don't look at the appraisal.) I'm trying to work my way into editing and publishing. There's a lot of small publications and places that produce other printed materials in the Orlando area, many who are looking for editors/proofreaders/writers et al.

I apply, and if I get a response at all, it's along the lines of, "This isn't what you've been doing, but ..." Cut it out. It's EXACTLY what I've been doing. Yes, I've written sports like 95% of the time for the last 13 years. But, at the News-Gazette, you're a copy editor for the entire paper, too. (Especially when the editorial "department" is essentially the size of a lunch bunch.) I can break down any subject and write about it. I can read it effectively as an editor. And, do you know what the term "proofreader" is? It's an expensive synonym for "editor". I CAN DO ALL OF THAT, UNDER DEADLINE PRESSURE. HIRE ME AND YOUR PUBLICATION WILL RUN BETTER. Well, that and I don't really want to do some of the other jobs I've applied for. I don't want to be a 9-1-1 operator, but my 3-year-old needs milk and chicken nuggets. At this rate though, I may end up being a professional blogger.

Sorry about that. Rant over, energy worked out of my system. I guess I should talk about sports now. Here's a thought, can we get a college football conference oversight committee? I mean, Saturday I was watching the Penn State-Nebraska game (Who wasn't?), and it took me until midway through the second quarter to realize that it was a Big 10 conference game. Penn State-Nebraska? They should be playing in the Orange Bowl, not in November. How do the Cornhuskers fit in with any team in Michigan?

And, the way the new Big East is shaping up, it's about to get worse. SMU and Houston going up against UConn and Rutgers? Hunh? Boise State getting a BCS shot is kind of exciting, but are you clamoring to see them play Louisville and Cincinnati? These are actually pretty exciting matchups, but does anyone outside of Texas, Idaho, and longtime Big 10 cities give a damn?

More to come tomorrow.

Thought for the Day: A note to the Occupy Wall Street people -- we hear ya, folks. Your stand and your message are right on. I sincerely hope your actions invoke change. But, at the end of the day, pack up your stuff and GO HOME! Have a hot meal and a shower, and be part of the 99 percent who aren't hungry and smelly.

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