Tuesday, November 8, 2011

OK Eagles fans, NOW it's over.

To all those who told me to keep hope that the Eagles were still a contender because the NFC East is the Least instead of the usual Beast ... hey, guess what, it's college basketball season!

Philly lost to the Bears, 30-24 on Monday, blowing a 4th quarter lead for the 4th time in their 5 losses, and are now 3 games behind the Giants, who somehow beat the Patriots on a final-minute TD pass Sunday. The Eagles are 3-5, and I can't see them getting past 8-8. Upcoming, they'll beat Arizona, the Giants (they're good enough to split), Seattle, Miami and Washington. They'll lose to New England, the Jets and in Dallas.

The Giants will beat the Jets, Washington, and split with Dallas. That's 9 wins, and they may beat San Francisco on the Left Coast next week.

Game, set, 3-card monty, and the queen done gone around the corner.

At halftime, they honored former head coach Buddy Ryan and some of his cast of Eagles defensive characters from the late '80s. They needed to take off their civvies and get into the game. I think by the second half, Chicago started kneeling it on 1st and 2nd down. Why risk a turnover when you're a lock on 3rd down, no matter the yardage? And, um, pass rush? You don't hit him, you let him get comfy, and suddenly Jay Cutler looks like J. Montana. And, that 3-headed DB monster of Asomugh, Cromartie and Samuel? No chemistry, no heart. Less Dream Team, more cream cheese.

Philly, you had to have that one, and you got had.

Guess Sunday's now for teaching my 3-year-old how to ride her bike. And wash Daddy's car.

Other exciting tidbits:

** The Vegas wiseguys seem to favor Alabama over LSU in a neutral-site game, if one were to be played later this season, nudge-nudge, wink-wink. But, it doesn't matter. LSU won the only meeting that will matter, if there's justice. Thought you couldn't play for the BCS title if you didn't win your division, let alone conference. The Sugar Bowl will be just fine for Alabama to roast Cincinnati or Boise State in.

** Haven't formed an opinion on this disgusting case coming out of Penn State regarding Jerry Sandusky. I usually don't pay attention unless the talk is about an upcoming matchup, and I don't listen to much of the talk anyway, preferring to research stuff myself. My only thought is this: what possesses a human being to do the despicable things to a child that are being alleged?

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  1. In regards to your postscript: how can anyone who knew, witnessed, or had reports about this alleged behavior (not convicted yet) turn a blind eye?


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