Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kyle Busch: a driver only Jersey could love

Because I know you all are bored out of your skulls waiting for the LSU-Alabama game, so I give you this ...

Good to see that NASCAR got some dignity and some stones for what Kyle Busch pulled on Friday night. I'm attaching the video (I hope it plays), but in a nutshell, Busch, noted for being an iron-headed bully on the track, was racing Ron Hornaday hard in the early stages of the Craftsman Truck race at Texas Motor Speedway on Friday.

Hornaday, a Truck series points championship contender, had to go around a slower truck at the same time that Busch, not racing for points and just trying to win another race, was trying to go around Hornaday, who got loose and pushed Busch up to the wall. Busch brushed it and Hornaday bounced off both trucks and got damaged. The contact prompted officials to throw the yellow flag.
Once under yellow, Busch couldn't believe that someone would try to get in his way, so he took umbrage and spun Hornaday right into the wall -- under the yellow, mind you.

Immediately, NASCAR parked Busch for the night, the first right step. Saturday morning, they told him to go home, as he was suspended from today Nationwide series race and Sunday's Sprint Cup event. Kyle was 7th in the points in the Chase for the Cup going into Sunday, a spot that he'll drop like a lead rock from.
And, yanno what, good riddance. Ever since he stormed onto the top-level scene of NASCAR (the name's changed like three times since he came up), his attitude has been, "Everyone needs to get out of my way because I'm better than all you losers. And the world ought not piss me off." People used to rail on Dale Earnhardt for his renowned aggression, including me. But his style was more "I'm going to do what I can to move you because I'm trying to outwork you." Plus, ol' No. 3 would handle any problem he had with another driver after the race in the pits with words and maybe some fists -- not with a 3,000-pound missle going 150+ m.p.h.
NASCAR sent a nice message to Busch and a few other hotheaded drivers -- take a good look in the mirror. Other drivers have done similar shenanigans and gotten nothing more than a stern talking to. I remember Tony Stewart once got fed up with Matt Kenseth (maybe or Ryan Newman, I forget) in the Daytona 500 a few years ago. During green flag laps, Stewart pushed him into the grass, sending Kenseth sliding back across the track and nearly into the wall. Luckily, he hit neither the wall or another driver and was able to continue on.
After the race, Stewart was asked about his actions and replied with something like, "He did it to me earlier in the race so I did it to him and turnabout's fair play." Oh, grow the hell up. "He started it" does not wash for a reason in a sport where people can die, either on the track or in the stands. What if Kenseth had been hurt in that wreck? What if he collected, say, eight or nine cars in that wreck, ending their days too even though they weren't involved in those two lovebirds little spat.
Hey Busch, and the rest of you, save your road rage for the New Jersey Turnpike, where even rain storm is no excuse for only doing 65 in the right lane. You're racers, not assassins.

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